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Harry Qiu April 3, 2001 22:14

How define porous media as INLET?
Dear Mr. or Mrs.:

I'm modeling a flameless furnace.

The inlet of the furnace is porous media(ceramic).Actually that porous media is one plate in which there are many many little parallel pores(Diameter of each pore=1.2mm).

Methane burned within these little pores, then flue gas enters furnace through these pores.

If I define MANY-PORES INLET for furnace in terms of real situation, that is, only define many little pores as INLET, then I may have trouble in meshing the pores and furnace. Too little pore size, compared to large furnace, will result in too dense grids. A large quantity of grids need many computer memory. So, in order to escape that too-dense-grid difficulty, I want to directly define inlet as POROUS MEDIA to consider both "flue gas flow" and "plate radiation to furnace" at the same time.

Can you give me some advice about how to define "POROUS MEDIA INLET"? Any suggestion is welcomed.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Harry.

arvind April 4, 2001 05:55

Re: How define porous media as INLET?
hi i think you should just find out the resistance value of your porous, and use fluent UDF functions for solving porous media problems.

bye arvindr

Xiao Hu April 13, 2001 16:34

Re: How define porous media as INLET?
Looks like that all you need is to add some pressure drop at your inlet. So, you don't want to model all the details. Try to use inlet vent boundary condition to model pressure drop in your case.

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