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Chetan Kadakia April 3, 2001 23:01

vortex shedding
I'm not quite sure what is meant by vortex shedding. Is it the production of vortices, or is it the change in vortices with time? Can anybody enlighten me on the term and/or maybe point out some good references on vortex shedding?

John C. Chien April 4, 2001 01:47

Re: vortex shedding
(1). Take a look at the book "Boundary Layer Theory" by Schlichting. (2). It has a series of very nice photos of vortex street in Chapter-1. (3). You can also move a partially submerged round cylinder (a stick or pen) over the surface of water (in a bath tub or kitchen sink)and observe the vortex street behind the cylinder. The creation of such organized vortices is called vortex shedding.

Chetan Kadakia April 4, 2001 12:37

Re: vortex shedding
I have the book, and I am familiar with the photos. So vortex shedding is the creation of such vortices and not the changing of the vortices with time? Is that right?

John C. Chien April 4, 2001 13:48

Re: vortex shedding
(1). But the vortex street is not steady-state, it is transient. (2). So, you will see each vortex is created (boundary layer flow separation), growing bigger, and then breaks away. (3). This process is repeated from both sides of the cylinder, and there will be two rows of vortices interconnected. So, it is the time evolution and creation of the vortex street.

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