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Elmar Riesmeier April 5, 2001 11:06

Fluent 5.x with SuSE Linux 7.1 (7.0)?

has anyone successfully installed Fluent 5.3 or higher on a SuSE Linux 7.1 System? I only managed to run Fluent 5.3 on SuSE Linux 7.0, on 7.1 rpc error messages were given. Thanx for you help and advice!


Anthony Wachs April 5, 2001 12:12

Re: Fluent 5.x with SuSE Linux 7.1 (7.0)?
Hi, I am currently facing exactly the same problem with Fluent5.5 on Red Hat 7.0. I do not manage to run Fluent and the same messages as you concerning "rpc error : timed out" are given instead. I am currently discussing with the customers support service of Fluent France to see how to solve this problem. First, you should know that from an official point of view, Fluent only run on Red Hat 6.x, and not on higher versions 7.x. In practice, they told me that it is possible to succeed in running Fluent on 7.x but it depends on the way you've installed Linux and the version of some libraries related to the XFree environment. I will try again to solve this problem during some days but after, if I do not succeed, I will downgrad my Linux version to Red Hat 6.2.

Good luck,

PS : I will give you more informations as soon as I succeed in running Fluent on Red Hat 7.0, thanks in advance to do the same!!

Jonas Larsson April 5, 2001 13:18

Re: Fluent 5.x with SuSE Linux 7.1 (7.0)?
We're running a large Linux-cluster with RedHat 7.0. Fluent works perfectly on those machines. However, since we only use the cluster for CPU jobs (no screens attached) we would probably not be affected by any XFree related problems. Please keep us updated if you find a solution though.

chen xue qiang April 8, 2001 13:34

Re: Fluent 5.x with SuSE Linux 7.1 (7.0)?
thank you !! i wish your help

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