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Devy April 5, 2001 19:57

about temperature rising in fluent5.4.8

I am applying fluent to simulate combustion of gas(C4H6+O2).I choose segrate solver, eddy-dissapation model.I define Cp of mixture as mix-law. I get a strange effect of the temperature rise in the core of the flame all the way up to maximum value specified in the Solution Limits panel (whichever value is entered). Would you like to tell me how to solve it?Thank you.

I also define the relaxation factor of the energy initiate very small (0.01),and the relaxation factor for the species also decrease.

Any answner will be welcome.Thank you.

Devy 2001.4.6

Harry Qiu April 5, 2001 21:29

Re: about temperature rising in fluent5.4.8
Hi: (1)try with coupled solver. (2)with segregated solver, set under-relaxation factor as following: pressure 0.8; momentum 0.125-0.25; other acalars 0.5 hope it can give you some help. Harry.

Jin-Wook LEE April 9, 2001 07:05

Re: about temperature rising in fluent5.4.8
Dear Devy

First of all, check the formation of enthalpy of each species, especially for that of C4H6.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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