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Newbie April 9, 2001 22:56

Postprocesing Fluent
Hi y'all

I find the postprocessing tool of fluent very limited to produce the kind of graphs I need, mainly slice graphs vertical and horizontal. Also I need to modify the ranges and some other fine tuning and with fluent I find it painful and lengthly compared with other programs I've used before but unfortunately not compatible with fluent.

I think it would be useful to all ( mainly newbies as me) to hear from experiences in the postprocessing tools you use to produce publication-quality graphics.


Sandeep April 10, 2001 09:27

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Write out the fluent results to a data file and then use Sigma Plot to produce those publication quality graphs..

Scott W April 10, 2001 12:20

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Create an iso-surface of constant grid position. That will give you slice graphs vertically and horizontally. It sounds like you are working in 3D. Turn on a light (under display-options), Gouraud is quick and makes your display much more professional looking. Of course, when you look at 2D slices, turn those lights off.

I'd love Fluent to expand the ranges tool. For example, currently you can auto-calculate both ends of the range or manually input both ends. Why not have the ability to manually input one end and calculate the other?

The biggest problem I have, is the great 22 inch pictures made by Fluent or other graphics programs are terrible when printed on paper. Anyone have good ideas for this?

Newbie April 11, 2001 19:16

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Thanks Scott, I've tryied your method and it works well. Anyway I can't stop comparing fluent with the possibilities of other postprocessing softwares that, by the way, doesn't accept the "universal" fluent files and have a much easier interface and dedicated features.

Sandeep, does Sigmaplot accept formated files from fluent or you do have to postprocess them?, can you be more explicit?.


Sandeep April 12, 2001 13:31

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Sigmaplot does not accept formatted files from fluent. You have to post process them. But the quality of graphs generated after that is spectacular. I havent come across a better software than sigmaplot for graph generation.

Sandeep April 12, 2001 13:35

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Would like to make a correction to my previous post. If your data file in "comma delimited" type format...sigmaplot can read it in !.

Sundar April 24, 2001 05:17

To Scott Whitney
Hi Scott Whitney, How r u. This is Sundar. I hope you still remember me. I am the same one who came to Univ of lincoln to learn fluent from you. My email id is I would like to hear from you. keep in touch. sundar.

MIckael April 25, 2001 17:47

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Tecplot is really suitable for this kind of things. I am doing all my post-processing using this software. It is really powerfull and flexible.

You can also very easily import you data from Fluent (.cas and .dat), as a Tecplot loader is now available.

Only one bad point for this software : its price !

You can have some more details on the following website :

I hope it wiil help you !



hb_science June 4, 2001 06:49

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
when I import the .dat and .cas to the tecplot9 I can't find variable"M " that I needed, there are only some variable such as "x-velocity" "y-velocity","T" etc. How can I get the variables information I wanted in the TECPLOT 9? in other words ,can I control the variables that would export from fluent? thanks!

MickaŽl June 4, 2001 11:56

Re: Postprocesing Fluent
Hello !

I never had this kind of problems I am using Tecplot 8. But you can easily bypass your problem : you can easily calculate

1) The local sound speed

2) The velocity magnitude

3) The Mach number (ratio of the 2 previous)

I hope it will help U !



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