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Yi April 11, 2001 22:46

Two-fluid model
Dear all,

Who has experience using two-fluid model to simulate gas-solid two-phase flows? In Fluent5.4, I only find three multiphase models in the User's Guide: VOF, Cavitation model, and ASM model.

It is said at that the kinetic theroy of particulate phase (or said Eulerian-Granular model)has beed adopted in Fluent. How to find and use it in Fluent?


Greg Perkins April 12, 2001 03:14

Re: Two-fluid model
Try Fluent 4.5 it has the granular model inbuilt.

Ray April 12, 2001 04:56

Re: Two-fluid model
I tried Fluent 4.5 but I was disappointed.


Xiao Hu April 13, 2001 15:59

Re: Two-fluid model
I am not sure what you are solving. Are you simulating gas-solid problem? If so, it does not look like a two-phase flow problem to me. If you just want to solve energy equation in your solid zone (heat conduction), then it is a conjugate problem. Fluent can handle that pretty easily.

If I didn't understand your problem correctly, please correct me. I was just trying to help. April 24, 2001 02:08

Re: Two-fluid model
Then finally, how do you find the solution? Because I am also plan to use fluent4 to simulate gas-solids two-phase flow. Is there any other way to get the results of gas-solids flow? Both in dilute or dense flow?



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