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Will April 15, 2001 11:23

2 big questions
First is reverse flow at the inlet boundry acceptable. I am using pressure inlet and outlet to simulate my problem however i am running unsteady solver with time the reverse flow decrease from 52 faces to 2 faces. If it is undesirabel how can i prevent the reverse flow?

Second i cant seem to get my solution to ocnverge what can i do? Adjust the relaaxation factor?

Thanks!YOurs sincerely William

alice boussagol April 25, 2001 12:04

Re: 2 big questions
Hi Will,

reverse flow can be due to a "bad" location of the boundary conditions or in other words, your computational domain might be to small. You should set away the boundaries so that they are in a less turbulent zone.

About convergence problem, you've found the answer by yourself. Decreasing relaxation factors is usually of great help.

Good luck


Will April 26, 2001 06:38

Re: 2 big questions
Thanks Aliice for the comment. But then again i am using pressure inlet and outlet for my boundary conditions so as to indicate to the solver that it is at amosphere pressure for the inlet and outlet. Is this right?..even though i have reverse flow can i say is accurate?

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