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Adi April 17, 2001 15:36

Change or delete the materials type: Al
Hi, Currently I am modelling a combustion of methane in a cylinder chamber. When I want to delete and changed the materials type: Al to Steel material, the material type Al could not be deleted.

Can anybody assist me, how to change or delete it. If could not deleted, does material Al during the calculation effect the result calculation, since I need the steel type as the boundary condition.

Every suggestions are welcome! Regards


manaf hasan April 18, 2001 07:59

Re: Change or delete the materials type: Al
hi sure it will effect your results to change the material type go to define-material then material type as a sold then press database select sold again pull down the sold material database you will find stell if this is the properties you looking for this good if it is not make all the changes in the properties then press change/create. in boudray condition change the sold zone to stell. good luck

Adi April 18, 2001 21:09

Re: Change or delete the materials type: Al
Hi Hassan Thanks for the responds. Before you sugested it, I have done the same procedure. But the material type ie.:Al still apears, it could not be deleted. What I want is, the Al material deleted then changed to steel material.

Now I am thinking, even the Al may not deleted from the display panel then follow the procedure you have mentioned, is the new material ( ie.: steel) will take effect?

Looking forward for the responds. Cheers!

Greg Perkins April 18, 2001 23:31

Re: Change or delete the materials type: Al
I think you need to make sure the material is not being used by any zone - then it can be deleted or changed.

manaf hasan April 19, 2001 08:08

Re: Change or delete the materials type: Al
Hi i didn't understand why you insisted to delet Al leave it but just change the solid in B.C to steel and that's it . have anice day

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