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wang dong April 20, 2001 23:46

how read Gambit data into my solver

How could I read a multiblock,structured grid generated by Gambit into my own solver? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your attentions!

yulia April 22, 2001 02:44

Re: how read Gambit data into my solver

You can create the grid without defining specific solver ("Sover Generic") and then save the Generic Neutral file by following sequence: File -> Export -> Mesh. This is an ascii file describing your mesh (please refer to Appendix (i think it is part B) in Gambit user guid which describes the folmat of the neutral file in details. Then you should be able to read the mesh into your own solver "point by point".

Hope this helps.


chubby April 22, 2001 05:41

Re: how read Gambit data into my solver
hi, After u have saved ur mesh file. click the option ,export --> mesh in the file menu. It gives a dialog box to save the mesh as file.msh. Click yes. Read the .msh file in fluent. FILE--READ--mesh file. after it has read the meash file , save it , by write option. file--write--case file(case file is created by this time) I think this would clear ur doubt.. good luck......... Chubby

Greg Perkins April 23, 2001 20:18

Re: how read Gambit data into my solver
Yes, using the neutral file is easiest and the format is pretty simple - just a list of nodes and node connectivity and some b/c defs.

I have used this method to use Gambit as a grid generator for a finite element structural analysis program - which didn't have parametric design capability.


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