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J. Weiler April 25, 2001 21:41

Fluent Tutorial 18 BC's
I was provided a Fluent tutorial entitled: "Tutorial 18. Rotor-Stator Interaction Using Sliding Meshes." Unfortunately, two meshes have to be merged using TGrid, a program that I do not have access to. I have the two mesh (.msh) files, but when I try to import them into Gambit the boundary conditions do not carry over. If anyone has used this tutorial or knows the defined boundary conditions, I could really use them. When I run each of the mesh files in Fluent, the boundary conditions are there, but the meshes cannot be run simultaneously. Or, if anyone knows of a way to get around this problem, that would be of tremendous assistance. If that is not possible, the actual boundary conditions would work just as well. Thanks

Lanre April 26, 2001 15:17

Re: Fluent Tutorial 18 BC's
If you have FLUENT and GAMBIT you should have the program you need to merge the two mesh files (it is also available on the Pre/Post CD). It is executed by typing, at the command line (provided your FLUENT_INC environment variable is set correctly),

tfilter tmerge3d (for 3d) and tfilter tmerge2d (for 2d)

Follow the prompts from there on...

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