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laohu April 25, 2001 22:57

how to compute surface wave use FLUENT?
my mathmatical model is about the water wave formed when the botom of a cylindrical container is drived but the wall of cylinder is not move. so this problem belong to a 3D problem. I don't know if the FLUENT can resolve it. if you want to know the detail information, please contact me . my e-mail address is : Becase this problem is my ph.d dissertation, so I feel very emergent!!!! please help me...thank you.

Xiao Hu April 26, 2001 08:44

Re: how to compute surface wave use FLUENT?
It looks like a two-phase flow problem, in which you want to resolve the gas-water interface. Fluent VOF two-phase model should be able to help you out. Please take a look at the tutorial 12 'Water and Air in a Spinning Bowl'. It might be very similar to what you want to simulate. Good luck.

Lanre April 26, 2001 15:12

Re: how to compute surface wave use FLUENT?
As long as the surface waves are NOT shear driven (e.g. surface of ocean) the free-surface behaviour can be modelled using the VOF model with time-explicit geo-reconstruct scheme, BFW pressure disc., PISO press-vel coupling (with UR's set to 1 for continuity and mom). USe small time-steps to aid convergence. You should require no more than 5 sub-iterations per time step.

laohu May 9, 2001 05:37

Re: how to compute surface wave use FLUENT?
when I export my gambit grid of cylinder, the boundary of periodic condition can not be obtained, I don't know how to select my bottom boundary condition. I don't know if Fluent can add the periodic term when I define the boundary conditions. by the way, which kind of boundary condition I should select when I define the top of my cylinder grid? if you know, please tell me, thank you very much.

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