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olivier April 27, 2001 05:52

gambit export

I have problems to export a mesh (from Gambit) with periodic boundaries. I read an error message :mesh not created because of periodic boundaries faces problem

If I change the periodic boundaries in a symmetric bound, I have no problem to export this mesh.

Nota : periodic faces are linked

It would be very nice if someone could help me bye olivier

Xiao Hu April 27, 2001 09:04

Re: gambit export
I am not sure what happen. But if you are sure that the mesh are exactly the same, then you can make periodic boundary in Fluent. The following command should help you make periodic boundary condition. /define/boundary-conditions/modify-zones>mp

Lanre April 27, 2001 09:12

Re: gambit export
What version of Gambit are you using?

Anyway, export the mesh with the periodic zone as a symmetry zone, and the periodic shadow also as a symmetry zone (with a different label, e.g., symmetry.2).

1.Read your mesh into FLUENT 2. Open the Define-->Boundary Conditions... panel and check the zone IDs of your periodic and shadow zones (do this by selecting the zone label in the lefthand column and checking the ID field) 3. Using the text interface (click in the FLUENT console and hit the "enter" key) type:

grid <enter> modify-zones <enter>

4. In the modify-zones menu, execute the make-periodci command, i.e. make-periodic <enter>

Follow the prompts to enter the zone ID numbers of your periodic and shadow zones (another way to get the zone IDs is to type: grid modify-zones list-zones)

FLUENT should report back that "all #### faces match". If they don't you probably did not create your periodic meshes correctly in GAMBIT.

olivier May 2, 2001 05:18

Re: gambit export
thanks a lot for your answer

That is the solution of my problem.



Flav May 9, 2001 12:39

Re: gambit export
I have been told that with Fluent6 we should be able to make faces periodic, even if their meshes do not match.

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