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CHUBBY April 30, 2001 14:22

Distribution of particles around porous media
hi everyone ,

I am involved with a project realted to random particle (mixed with air) distribution around a porous media. I am supposed to study the accumulation and distribution of these particles around the porous media, the turbulence created with these particles in the air around the porous media .The air : particle volume ratio is 1:0.005. I have a very little knowledge about Discrete random walk.(DRW) . I would be immensely pleased if someone could through light on DRW applicable to my prtoject. Any other suggestions are also welcome. Thanking u Chubby

Newbie April 30, 2001 16:26

Re: Distribution of particles around porous media
You'll have Brownian effect if you have very small particles, about 1 micra in liquid, I don't know in gas but I think it will be the same. Then you can set up a porous media in an UDF as explained in the manual and add the DPT method.The problem you'll have is that the particles won't have direct interaction with the porous media as it is only conceptually built-in.

Good Luck

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