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CHUBBY May 3, 2001 09:40

union of volumes
hi everyone, I have got a doubt in GAMBIT , related with uniting of volumes. How could I unite a set of volumes (placed adjacent to each other), so that the faces of all the volumes are intact.

Because , when I unite these volumes the rare and first faces of each volume get vanished and the only faces remain are the first and the last face of the final volume. I would like to give boundary conditions to each of the faces of the individual volumes. I had seen that the all the faces are not available after the union of these volumes. can any one give a suggestion in this regard.. Chubby

Lanre May 3, 2001 14:43

Re: union of volumes
Split volumes with bidirectional option checked. If one of the volumes partially penetrates the other (e.g. 2 pipes forming a tee with volume 1 protruding a little into the main volume 2), unite volume 3 (resulting from the split operation) with the main volume 2.

CHUBBY May 4, 2001 06:31

Re: union of volumes
hi Lanre, Thanx for the suggestion , It was really helpfull for my project. Chubby

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