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x.tang May 4, 2001 04:08

velocity inlet boundary
Hi,everyone. i have the measured data, gas temperature (1500 K) and the gas veolcity (30 m/s). I want to set the measured data als velocity inlet boundary. The problem is: the velocity would be set 30 m/s (1500 K) or i should change the measured velocity (1500 K) into a standard state velocity (273 K) as the velocity magnitude. thank you in advance.

Xiao Hu May 4, 2001 09:11

Re: velocity inlet boundary
I don't know why velocity would have to do with temperature? I think you need to specify velocity and temperature if you are solving compressible flow. For incompressible, temperature inlet is necessary only if you solve energy equation as well. By the way, what do you mean by 'a standard state velocity'?

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