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M Steinke May 7, 2001 18:07

VOF and Heat Transfer
I am trying to model meniscus heat transfer. I know that heat transfer can not be used with any of the multiphase models. I was wondering if there is anyone who has had success modeling an thin film interface with heat transfer???

Lanre May 9, 2001 13:06

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
Try FLUENT 4.5, which currently includes heat transfer with multiphase models or wait for FLUENT 6 to be released this summer.

Greg Perkins May 9, 2001 19:36

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
To Lanre:

when will Fluent 6 be released?? Are you sure?


Lanre May 10, 2001 10:02

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
From what I have heard, the release of FLUENT 6 is not far off. I would expect to be running FLUENT 6 by this summer. As with any software product, CFD or other, release dates are subject to completion of a multitude of tasks to ensure a viable product for the users. So, take my words with a grain of salt. Also, since a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, I would plan short-term projects with what is currently available.


Greg Perkins May 10, 2001 21:14

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
Agreed - Fluent 6 has been 'not far off' since late '99/early 2000!


merac May 11, 2001 05:23

Fluent 6 release
A Fluent engineer told me v. 6 would be out in October......

Newbie May 11, 2001 21:24

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
To M. Steinke Hi, I want to model also a mensicus but without heat transfer. Until now I've solved the Young-Laplace equation in 2D with numerics for ordinary diferential equation, but would like to go to 3D and if possible with a CFD code. If you have any succed I'D love to ear, or we can share experiences.


Ann May 14, 2001 16:34

Re: VOF and Heat Transfer
Every thing described above can be done with the current version of Fidap, including heat transfer and even phase change.

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