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you May 10, 2001 03:45

inlet and outlet boundary

I am calculating a flow field with backward velocity at the inlet and outlet boundaries. Please tell me how to set the inlet and outlet boundary conditions for this flow. Thank you very much !

With best regards, You

John C. Chien May 10, 2001 14:21

Re: inlet and outlet boundary
(1). As a general rule, you should set your inlet and outlet conditions such that it will simulate the test conditions.(as if you are running the test in the laboratory) (2). Because of the nature of the iterative algorithm used, it is possible to have reverse flow during the iteration process. There is not much you can do there,because it is part of the method used in the code. (3). But if you provide a better initial flow field, then it should improve the situation.

you May 10, 2001 17:10

Re: inlet and outlet boundary
Hi Dr. Chien,

Thank you very much for your help.

With best regards, You

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