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merac May 18, 2001 07:44

Velocity profiles
Hi folks, I'm trying to plot pipe/annulus flow velocity profiles on Excel, comparing my analytical calculations with Fluent's results. I've created a line across the pipe diameter in Fluent, and need to report the velocity at the node values where the line intersects each value. Is there a quick way to do this, short of clicking on every point and noting down the velocity?

Lanre May 22, 2001 15:41

Re: Velocity profiles
Open the Plot-->XY Plot... panel. Check the "write to file" option. Select the variable of interest and chose the correct orientation vector of your line, select your line from the list of surfaces, click "write". This will prompt you for a file name. Your variable data and corresponding position are written to file that you can view in a text editor or read into Excel.

merac May 23, 2001 04:54

Re: Velocity profiles
Thanks alot!

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