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Giovanni May 21, 2001 09:24

Gambit2 ???

some weeks ago I posted a message about Fluent vs Star-Cd for automotive (no combustion).

It seems that Fluent is similar in the solver, better in the post and the new version will have the moving mesh too.

The really question is the mesh. Everyone know how it is crucial. Gambit seems to be poor in hexa generation and in boundary layer expecially for external flow (Tgrid is necessary). With tetrahedral unstructured mesh, the cell sizes grow towards the interior space too rapidly.

There is someone who tried to use the new version of Gambit, that is Gambit2? What is your opinion?

Thank you very much.


Kuochen June 2, 2001 22:38

Re: Gambit2 ???
If your problem really requires high quality mesh, try GridPro. It always generates high-quality hex mesh with a little more effort than Gambit (with tet).

Giovanni June 5, 2001 03:02

Re: Gambit2 ???
Thank you, for your suggestion, but I don't know GridPro. May you tell me something about it (sellers, price, url, etc.)?

Thanks Giovanni

Kuochen June 8, 2001 15:23

Re: Gambit2 ???
Go to and find out.

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