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Amir Al-Wazzan May 23, 2001 23:44

Hi, We are simulating the air-solid flow using FLUENT. Our problem is that when we go to the multiphase model, it does not read the solid material as the secondary phase and the air only appears in the phases. How to copy the solid phase to the multiphase model as secondary phase?


Isa May 24, 2001 05:33

Re: Multiphase
Multi-phase in Fluent?

Good luck!! - You're going to need it!!

Lanre May 24, 2001 09:28

Re: Multiphase
Define your materials first.

Go through the multiphase tutorials first before tackling your problem.

Amir Al-Wazzan May 25, 2001 00:34

Re: Multiphase
Dear LANRE, Thanks for your reply. How can find tutorials about the Multiphase flow other than the explanation of Chapter 15 in the user guide?


Adel Ataki July 2, 2001 05:48

Re: Multiphase

define-materials: give a name of your material and its physical properties. change/create:it will be inserted in the material database. You need to create it(if it is not exist in the database) again every time you start Fluent to solve a multiphase flow problem! define/models-multiphase: here you you can choose a material for the primary phase and the secondary one, and identify other physical properties such as surface tension and wall adhesion. best regards

lucy July 4, 2001 11:43

Re: Multiphase
why can't I find the solid phase in the SENCONDARY PHASE,just only Air in this column?I have done everything. Thanks a lot

Rodrigo August 6, 2001 16:37

Re: Multiphase
Did you load it on the materials window?

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