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Charlie V May 28, 2001 02:29

Multiple Inlets
Any help would be appreciated...this is the basic outline od my problem

I have a cube and five faces are inlets and one face contains smaller circular interfaces arranged on a 3x3 matrix, in other words flow comes from the five inlets and exits out through these nine interfaces that connect to the rest of the model as pipes.

My questions are

1. has anybody ever tried modelling adjacent velocity inlets( mind you the velocity inlets are actually velocity profiles from a larger model) and obtained results using the k-e model?

2. when i try to import the velocity profiles from the larger model into the current model, there is no profile!!! just an inlet with a constant very, very low velocity. This despite the 'cube' dimensions being exactly the same, the orientation is exactly the same etc...any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated especially with the 'adjacent inlets' issue.

The model works fine is I change four of the inlets into walls and just have the one inlet!!!but thats not what i want to model !!!

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