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Isa June 5, 2001 08:35

Porous Media

How does Fluent 5 deal with flow through porous media? I am worried that when I set up a porous zone, Fluent only sets resistances which I can relate from the Ergun equations, but not the true porosity.

I have chemical reactions so I need the superficial velocity to be taken into account.

Can anybody help me please?

Isa June 12, 2001 06:14

Re: Porous Media
Hi again!

As nobody has answered me, does that mean I cannot do what I wish to do?

Can somebody from Fluent help me?


Newbie June 12, 2001 12:27

Re: Porous Media
I don't fully your question but this topic has been already discused in this forum, please search for answers.

Anyway, fluent accounts for the porous media by using a sink term as you suggests so, the liquid never "touches" the solid and the velocity is constant and you cannot model the liquid-solid drag forces.

You can approximate by using

vinst=vsup/epsilon ( vinst=interstitial velocity, vsup=superficial velocity, epsilon=porosity)

If you want to account for other phenomena aside the porosity you must use another approach such as some modification of the kozeni-carman equation if you are in the laminar regime.



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