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Christophe Doublet June 9, 2001 10:44

Boundary conditions profile
Hi there, I have a problem. In order to simulate the heat transfers within a turbine blade in 3D, I have to specify a profile of heat transfer coeficients. My grid is an unstructured one. In order to create the input profile file, under FLUENT 5.4 I've made written the profile of the heat transfer coefficient of a false case (just to have the coordinates x,y,z of the points describing my surface) So, I should just have to change the values of the heat transfer coefficients by my values, right? But Since I have million of points, I have a big problem. The text file written by fluent defining the profile is 1.3 MB!!! We now come to my question: What will happen if I choose only a few points let's say a 'human size' quantity (<50 points) to define my profile. When I look at the file written by FLUENT, it seems I need a new profile input file for any different mesh since there is one value for each node of the surface! Ok, if someone has a solution, he/she is welcome... Cheers,


Greg Perkins June 14, 2001 00:27

Re: Boundary conditions profile
See comments above. I assume you know how to calculate the heat transfer co-efficient as a function of local variables etc. In this case write a DEFINE_HEAT_FLUX to calculate it.

You don't need to manually calculate each node by using profile data as far as I can tell. You can access all internal data stored by Fluent through macros.


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