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Greg Perkins June 18, 2001 21:09

Examples of 'Growing' Geometry/Meshes
Hi all,

I am looking for examples of where Fluent or other CFD software has been used for applications where the geometry changes/'grows' in time. I am especially interested in how this 'growth' was handled and cases where the mesh changes as a function of the solution and thus is not defined a pri ori etc.

Here I'm interested in cases like blowing up a balloon etc. and where the solution at each step may be steady-state.

I am particularly interested in any suggestions etc of how to:

a) describe an arbitrary closed geometry like a balloon or cavity in 3D. b) algorithms for automatically meshing such geometries by writing script files for say Gambit etc. Here: types of elements to use, how to handle the fact that points describing the surface may: a) become bunched up or b) drift far apart c) cross etc.

In 2D it appears not too difficult to come up with some simple methods, but when I consider 3D just being able to describe and handle the geometry appear difficult.

I am considering describing a geometry like series of slices, consisiting of a series of faces, each described by a list of edges which connect node pairs.

If anybody is working on these types of problems, or has info etc please let me know. I am particularly interested in example since I haven't seen many in the literature...


kang July 5, 2001 10:49

Re: Examples of 'Growing' Geometry/Meshes
suggest you take a look at FIDAP modeling of molding, etc. It has applications like that and I think tutorials, too if you have access to Fluent's user center...

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