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reza besharati June 21, 2001 04:25

zero thickness boundaries
greetings hi every body i have problems in defining an internal wall inside my 3D model.

it is a plate 2100mmx12000mm with 600 holes each 216mm diameter.

air flows past this plate into the air intake system of gas trubine.

my problem is how to define the plate so that no meshing jump in 3D take place because this plate has only 3 mm thickness.

my next problem will be modelling filter elements as cylendrical domains inserted into these holes with a prouse pressure drop about 450 pa.

any guidlines and comments will be appreciated.

i personally think about zero thickness internall boundaries, like the one in parachute modelling.

thanks reza

Jin-Wook LEE June 22, 2001 06:37

Re: zero thickness boundaries
Dear Reza

Make a face in your domain and set the face as 'wall'. Then it is O.K.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Fred Kang June 26, 2001 20:33

Re: zero thickness boundaries
Reza, you may consider porous media model. You know the porosity, you konw the pressure drop, the perforated plate can be represented by a porous medium.

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