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Jason Jordan June 21, 2001 17:11

For all you FI-GEN users out there:

I am trying to mesh a object that is composed of three individual mesh solids. If you can imagine an equilateral triangle and breaking it down into three equilateral triangles with a common center point. Each triangle has a face that is touching the other triangles. I have assigned A mesh face to the 2 sides of the traingle touching the other two triangles. When I attempt to mesh the solid, I can mesh 2 of the 3 triangles but the other one cannot be meshed. I keep getting the error message:

This element face is currently owned by a mesh face.

Does anyone know what is wrong here?

--Thanks --Jason

pradeep sivakumar June 25, 2001 18:00

Re: FIDAP FI-GEN Question
if all the three triangular solids belong to the same entity, did you attempt to select all of them and mesh them at the same time? since in your case the three triangles have a total of three common mesh faces, you do not have to recreate the common mesh faces. that might be the problem.

a better way of solving the problem would be to first create the geometry of the equilateral triangle split into three equal triangles in 2 dimensions and then project the geometry using Msolid through the width of the triangle. that should work just fine...

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