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Habib June 21, 2001 21:51

Importing Acis file to gambit
I am importing an Acis file to gambit (1 volume, 400 surfaces). Once I delete the volume I can never create a real volume again from the same surfaces. I am getting the following error message:

Acis error 601: Ray test failed to find intersection

I don't want to use the virtual option because Boolean operations can't be used any more especially the virtual volume can't be converted to real one without using map mesh.

Anyone can help?


Trac June 21, 2001 22:00

Re: Importing Acis file to gambit
Have you tried using "heal surfaces"?

Habib June 24, 2001 21:59

Re: Importing Acis file to gambit
When I tried to heal the surfaces I got the same message as before

Trac June 24, 2001 22:48

Re: Importing Acis file to gambit
Do you need to delete the volume?! Is it possible to change the file outside of Gambit and then import it? Can you break it up into smaller volumes to work out where the problem area is?

This is going to sound completely stupid, but seriously, this has worked for me before, especially in import situations. Try copying the surfaces to another part of the screen, like translate everything 100 to the left or something.


Habib June 25, 2001 00:06

Re: Importing Acis file to gambit
I am trying to recreate the volume and smooth the bad surfaces using solid work package


Alain June 25, 2001 05:19

Re: Importing Acis file to gambit
If you are using solidworks try to export your cad as parasolid rather than ACIS.

parasolid is the native format of solidworks and give a smoother and a better geometry then imported in Gambit.

Best regards


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