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Greg Perkins June 25, 2001 00:31

Wall Heat Tramsfer Coefficient - UDF
Hi all,

I want to access Fluent's calculated heat transfer co-efficient at a wall. According to p85 of my (old) udf manual this can be accessed via:

h = RP_Get_Real("udf/heat-transfer-coefficient");

but I get an error from Fluent when using this function - apparently it doesn't now about this variable.

Also, I would have thought that the heat transfer co-efficient is a local value - and thus not a global RP variable at all. So what does this do from example 5.6 in the udf manual??

I have found that the past variabled cid[1], cid[2] are non-zero and look like they may have the values of the heat transfer co-efficient as computed by Fluent. Can anybody confirm this??


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