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olivier June 25, 2001 05:47

Help PDF
Does anyone know of any online tutorials and/or manuals for PDF that can be accessed by the general public?

In fact I am searching PDF examples with the use of a known CHONS composition as a fuel stream.

Because when I try with a CHONS composition , I obtain to high temperature level...


Jin-Wook LEE June 26, 2001 05:33

Re: Help PDF
Do you mean 'temperature of the simulation result' is too high ? Or, error message 'bottom temperature too high' when calculating PDF table ?

Sincerely, Jinwook

Jin-Wook LEE June 26, 2001 20:32

Re: Help PDF
My reply to your e-mail was returned.

According to your e-mail, your simulation result shows too high temperature. Could you tell me how much high is the temperature ? What's your oxidant, air or oxygen ?

General comments. 1) The temperature can be lowered by adding intermediate species, such as CH4, OH and so on. 2) The temperature can be as high as 4000~5000K with pure oxygen as oxidant.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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