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Montresor June 27, 2001 04:45

Any suggestions?
I want to model a turbine wheel (similar to a pelton type) which rotates and scoops up fluid which lies at the bottom. Above the water is air. It is a 2-D model but I am not sure how to approach the problem. Any suggestions on which models to use or how to account for the two phases. If there is anything like a simple solution then that is what I am looking for?


Lanre June 27, 2001 14:28

Re: Any suggestions?
VOF + sliding mesh in FLUENT 5.4 or greater.

zhou_eric June 29, 2001 06:07

Re: Any suggestions?
What is your ultimate goal?

Montresor June 29, 2001 07:21

Re: Any suggestions?
I want to determine the torque on the turbine wheel for different geometries (i.e. change the shape of the buckets and look at the required torque)

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