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Sorend June 27, 2001 11:50

Post Processing
I'm in need of creating a conical surface for post processing purposes. Is it possible in Fluent? If so, how?

Thanks. Sorend

Lanre June 27, 2001 14:30

Re: Post Processing
Use quadric plane! Surface->Quadric... and Type: Quadric.

Flav June 28, 2001 03:48

Re: Post Processing
And by the way, how would you create a triangular surface for Postprocessing ?

Lanre June 28, 2001 09:43

Re: Post Processing
Here's a reference for the quadrics:

For a triangle, you will have to iso-clip (a couple of times) a plane/surface to x, y or z coordinates. If x, y and z don't work you can always create your own coordinates using Custom Field Functions.

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