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Flav June 27, 2001 12:14

UDF : boundary condition ID
Every boundary condition has got an ID number.

example : boundary name : duct_inlet ID : 4

How do you get the name of the boundary condition given its ID ? In other words, what is the function that you can use in a UDF in order to get the name when you know the ID ?

Lanre June 27, 2001 14:31

Re: UDF : boundary condition ID
1. Read in your mesh into FLUENT 5.

2. In the console (text interface) go to grid/modify-zones/list-zones

Greg Perkins June 27, 2001 23:08

Re: UDF : boundary condition ID
Another thing that's useful is to use:

thread = Lookup_Thread(domain,thread_id)

which returns the thread given a thread_id.

define extern Domain *domain in your code.

Check out the threads.h header file for further definitions....


Flav June 28, 2001 05:07

Re: UDF : boundary condition ID
Thanks for your help, Lanre. The problem is that the line "thread = Lookup_Thread(domain,thread_id)" provides the pointer to the thread, but not the thread name. I need to get the string which contains the name of the thread. And I can't find it, either in thread.h nor thread_tools.h.

Lanre June 28, 2001 09:52

Re: UDF : boundary condition ID
As far as I know, you cannot get the thread name through the UDF (read:solver) as this is something that Cortex (read:interface) associates with the thread-id. Talk to Fluent directly.

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