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aninbo July 2, 2001 06:48

plotting pressure
Hello everybody,

we are studying the fluid dynamic field of a wing in a wind tunnel: we have to plot the pressure just on the middle section, but we don't know how we can do this directly by Fluent. Any suggestion?


Chetan Kadakia July 2, 2001 21:17

Re: plotting pressure
Display->Contours: select pressure in the window and static pressure in the 2nd window.

If your simulation is 2d, then just select the fluid zone in the selection box.

If your simulation is 3d, you need to create an iso-surface to display contours along the plan you want to see.

Is it 2d or 3d?

aninbo July 3, 2001 04:29

Re: plotting pressure
Our simulation is 3-D, but we want to plot pressure in the intersection between the wing and a middle section .


Chetan Kadakia July 4, 2001 02:28

Re: plotting pressure
You need to create a plane surface. Go to Surface-->Plane Type in 3 points that are the in mid section of the plane. Leave everything else as defaults. Tyoe in a name like 'mid-section', and of course hit create. Now I think you should have a plane surface which cuts through the midsection. Select this surface when you display pressure contours (Diplay->Contours, select pressure and static pressure, hit plot). Try this and see if it works.

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