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Antoine Ringo July 5, 2001 08:58

Mixing plane model
I have a question about the mixing plane model used to simulate flows in moving zones. I don't manage to reach the convergence for the continuity. Have you ever had this problem ? How did you fix it ? Do you know any articles dealing with that ? Thank you.

Chetan Kadakia July 6, 2001 01:46

Re: Mixing plane model
Again we have a convergence problem but we very little idea what you did. Everybody has trouble converging from time to time. What are your solution controls, boundary conditions, etcetera, etcetera... I'm guessing all of you who ask for a solution but provide no infromation must be a manager and not an engineer. If you have fast a fast moving zone, try to start with it slow, let it converge, and then increase the speed in reasonable increments.

Bipin July 30, 2001 08:25

Re: Mixing plane model

Follow this;

1. Body-force-weighted scheme for pressure interpolation. 2. Underelax the momentum to 0.5 and pressure to 0.2. 3. Start with a slow speed and then ramp up slowly.

Hope this helps.

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