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Benoit July 5, 2001 10:16

chemical reaction problem
Hi ! I'm student in France and I TRY to use Fluent… I'd like to simulate a quite complex reaction. So, I've to use an UDF for generating sources. To understand how to proceed I try with a simple reaction just below :

A + B -> C with r (kg/m3.s) = 1017 exp (-105/RT) . CA.CB

I've compared the results obtained with the reactions panel and those obtained with UDFs. In order to obtain the same results I've to multiply the preexponential factor A by 100 (so 1019) in my UDFs model.

Can anybody tell me the reason? I'm thanking you a lot for any suggestion.

Paul Izabel July 5, 2001 13:12

Re: chemical reaction problem
I've had similar problems with chemical reactions and the Arrhenius model. Might be a problem with your units - check them. good luck, Paul

hossam_ali March 14, 2013 15:56

arrhenius constants units
hi i want to know the units of arrhenius constants applied in fluent


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