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Kay July 5, 2001 11:01

Simulate a 200MW boiler furnace
Hi, I'm investigating numerically flow characteristics, heat transfer and combustion process in a tangentially fired 200MW boiler furnace.Now,I encounter some problems:(1)the iteration velocity is very very slow,about 30 step per an hour,the grid size is 38x40x133;(2)the convergence is very difficult,also. Anybody has some advices for me? Thanks, Kay

John C. Chien July 5, 2001 13:42

Re: Simulate a 200MW boiler furnace
(1). There are several solutions to this: (2). Use faster computers to do simulation, (3). Use coarse mesh and first-order method to speed up the calculation (for now), (4). Use other codes to do the simulation. (5). Isolate the problem area by building up the model step-by-step. That is, simple geometry, simple cold flow, turbulent flow, reacting flow, more realistic geometry. In this way, you will be able to isolate the problem area. Good Luck.

Jin-Wook LEE July 6, 2001 00:49

Re: Simulate a 200MW boiler furnace
1. '30 step per an hour' is dependent on the computer. For my case, with about 200K cells(similar to yours), 30~40 step per an hour was general case for furnace combustion simulation with my 800M-CPU personal computer.

2. It is very very general that convergence is difficult for oil or coal combustion. Sometimes, under-relaxation parameter can control convergence/divergence.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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