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Anthony Wachs July 6, 2001 05:54

Postprocessing in 2D - specific area
Hi everybody,

I am currently trying to do a very simple thing but without any success, so I need your help.

Let's consider a rectangular domain in 2D whose in xy plane. The length of the domain is 10 for instance (from 0 to 10 in the y-direction). My question is : how can you visualize your results on a fixed surface that corresponds to a part of your entire domain. For example, in the y direction from 2 to 8 ?

I did not manage to create a surface or a zone which is a plane only for postprocessing. "Grid/separate" command could be used but actually I do not want to modify my grid, my interest is only postprocessing.

Lines or points are easy to create, but not 2D area in 2D situations.

Any advice would be useful !!


Nurul Murad July 6, 2001 08:46

Re: Postprocessing in 2D - specific area can always create a surface viewing plane in 2D in viewing a slice of your modelling domain or part of your modelling domain. go to surface in the main pull down menu options and create a surface plane from there. you can either specify the x-y-z coordinates or use a mouse click...hope this helps..

Anthony Wachs July 6, 2001 09:21

Re: Postprocessing in 2D - specific area
Hi and thanks for your answer

Unfortunately your contribution do not solve my problem because when you are in 2D geometries you cannot use "Surface/Plane". This tool is only available in 3d geometries.

The problem still remains...


AJ July 6, 2001 10:59

Re: Postprocessing in 2D - specific area
Hi, You can use Iso-surface->grid->iso-value to create a iso-value line in 2D problem. Then visualize the results using plot->xy plot : select the variable you want to view ( temp., pressure etc)and select the latest iso-value you created. You can see the graph showing variable varying along x or y depending on your surface(edge). This is available in Fluent 5.4.You can't see contours!

Hope this meets your requirement. AJ

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