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Alexandre July 6, 2001 08:46

Moving / Deforming mesh
Hi everybody.

For a PhD thesis study I have to simulate the time-dependant movement of a projectile in a tube.

Thus to make it simple let's imagine a rectangle with one moving edge (e.g. right side). the fluid is kept in the rectangle and the pressure gradient given by the sources (gas production) will "push" the right edge, making it moving.

The first problem we have is to have a moving boundary condition (wall?, solution dependant, speed from 0 to ~800 m/s). The idea would be the following : at each timestep changing the grid in function of the Pressure on the moving edge.

We are planning to use Fluent 5.5 to do this. We have actually this software in evaluation. I have heard Fluent 6.0 will allow to use this feature more easyly than Fluent 5.5. I've also seen Fluent 4.5 allows it but it seems more difficult to implement it.

Havee you an opinion about this? Use fluent 5.5 (and how?) 4.5 or wait for 6.0, or ... is it impossible?

Every contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien July 7, 2001 05:44

Re: Moving / Deforming mesh
(1). In terms of CFD, yes, it can be done with deforming mesh and a moving boundary. (2). In terms of the commercial codes, you will have to contact the vendor's support engineer first.

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