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faouzi July 7, 2001 12:56

liquid and gas flow

I want to do calculations of dispersed gas phase in liquid phase and i want to account for the sizes and shapes of the bubbles when break up and coalescence occur. My be there is two methods:

1) Particles in the dispersed phase can be divided into several size groups and each of these size groups can be treated as separate phase using Fluent 4.5 multiphase eulerian model.

2) Application of population balance using the models accounting for the break up (Luo and Svendsen, AICHE J., May 1996) and coalescence (Prince and Blanch, AICHE J., Oct. 1990).

My question is to know if it 's possible to use UDF functions (additional scalar transport equations) for bubble coalescence and bubble break up with only two phase flow, the continuous liquid phase and the gas dispersed phase in fluent 4.5 or fluent 5.5 ?

Thanks great

Peter Kolb July 9, 2001 03:22

Re: liquid and gas flow
When I read your request, I instantly thought at an article I read in the FluentNews (Newsletter, Vol. 9, Issue 2 Fall 2000/Winter 2001, pp. 6). It is dealing with the Breakup and Coalesence Modeled through User Defined Functions. If you want, I can fax that article to you (1 side).

faouzi July 9, 2001 09:48

Re: liquid and gas flow
Hi Peter;

If it is possible to send me the article in question, I will be you thankful.

My greetings

faouzi July 10, 2001 09:52

Thanks Peter
Thanks Peter

Best regards

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