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sean July 8, 2001 00:26

How to generate "3-D contour"
I find that Fluent can only display contours in defined soufaces. Now I want to display 3-D contours in an object, for example, a steel brick. Somebody help me.

thanks a lot. sean

Alain July 8, 2001 08:58

Re: How to generate "3-D contour"
I am not sure of that you mean exactly by 3d contour in an object ? In fluent "surfaces" means both planar and 3D surface.

So if you want to display contour on the surface of the object you just have to select the "wall of the object"

if you want to display a specific shape inside a fluid zone you will have to create the surface first, which can be more or less complex depending on the shape of the surface.

Best regards

sean July 8, 2001 12:09

Re: How to generate "3-D contour"
I mean contours in the form of curved surface in an object.


John C. Chien July 8, 2001 12:47

Re: How to generate "3-D contour"
(1). What I normally do is to display the contours on: (a). several parallel planes, so you can easily get the information as how the profiles change between planes. (b). three planes normal to one another, so changes in 3-D can be seen easily from a 45-45 degree angle. (2). It is hard to create curved surface, unless it is already there (like the surface of an object), and it also hard to interpret the result if the contour is on a curved surface inside an object.

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