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Kay July 9, 2001 05:49

5 kind of pressures
Hi, everybody. Who can explain the 5 kind of pressures:operating pressure,gauge pressure,static pressure,stagnation pressure and total pressure,which always confuse me. I'm simulating the flow field in a firebox,c3h8+5o2---3co2+4h2o.The inlet pressure of c3h8 is 0.4MPa,0.5MPa for o2. Now, how to set the pressure boundary conditions? In the pressure inlet dialog box,how to set "Gauge Total Pressure" and "Supersonic /Initial Gauge Pressure"? And what's connection of those pressures with the operating pressure? Thanks very much. Kay

John C. Chien July 9, 2001 06:38

Re: 5 kind of pressures
(1). I had the same problem before. (2). It is important to follow the tutorial sample to set these pressures, especially Fluent has more than one solver module. (2). There are absolute static pressure, absolute total pressure (or stagnation pressure). The total pressure is a derived variable. (3). If it is not absolute, then it can be gauge pressure or operating pressure. And you have to know the definition used in the particular solver.

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