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lucy July 9, 2001 17:03

hello everybody, I got the error: "floating point exception (underflow).

Does anybody know what it means and why it happened?

thanks a lot


John C. Chien July 9, 2001 17:29

Re: error
(1). A floating point variable has a range. When the value is less than the minimum range, you get the error message (underflow). (2). If the value is larger than the maximum range, you get the overflow error. (3). You need to review the Fortran language. "it's outside the range".

lucy July 9, 2001 17:37

Re: error
Do you know why it happened in fluent?

thanks a lot

Evan Rosenbaum July 10, 2001 12:12

Re: error
Like any computer program, FLUENT has lower and upper numeric thresholds which cannot be exceeded. I'm not sure about UNIX versions, but the PC has both single-precision and double-precision solvers. If you get this message using the single-precision solver, switch to the double-precision solver. If the error goes away, check the result VERY carefully to be sure they make sense. If the error doesn't go away, you certainly have an error somewhere in your model.

Jeremy July 11, 2001 02:57

Re: error
It's a bug: computer programs have bugs. In a code the size of Fluent it is natural. If this happens you just send the case into support and they debug it.

John C. Chien July 11, 2001 04:35

Re: error
(1). Normally, if it is due to the iteration, then you are likely to get divided by zero or overflow error. (2). If you have a un-defined variable in the code, then sometimes you will get underflow error message. (3). But the exact cause is unknown, unless you can do the debugging and trace it back to the source or location in the code.

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