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Jeff July 11, 2001 17:21

export results to Tecplot?
Hi, FLUENT users, Is there anyone encountering this problem? I wanna export the 3-D computed results from FLUENT 5.0 to Tecplot now. There is an option inside FLUENT to do so. My question is such. The exported data are saying the elements are Quadrilater surface elements. But what I want are the Brick volume element indeed. I am looking forward to know what the problem is. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Joern Beilke July 12, 2001 04:28

Re: export results to Tecplot?
This also happens when you choose nastran, patran ... format and seems to be a very special feature from the fluent people and about 100 percent useless.

If you want to get the brick elements you have to export the mesh from trgid. Because the vertex numbers are the same you can convert the files to whatever you want.

Just a short note to all fluent users. Take a mesh and export it in nastran format. Look what you get after the reimport of this data.

It would be very nice if the fluent developers could stop this nonsene.

newbie July 12, 2001 17:58

Re: export results to Tecplot?
Use the tecplot tool specially designated to import fluent files, available from the tecplot site( It works ok with fluent version 5, don't ask for version 4.



Jeff July 13, 2001 12:29

Re: export results to Tecplot?
Thanks. But could you give me a more specific webpage for the tool you said? I was looking around on this web... Your help is really appreciated.

newbie July 13, 2001 14:53

Re: export results to Tecplot?
check in



Jeff July 13, 2001 16:37

Re: export results to Tecplot?
Thanks a lot. I have installed that and it works well. I really cncourage the FLUENT user who wanna use Tecplot for their data reduction to install this. But it is a pity the add-on can not resolve the problem above. It cannot import the "misleading" results generated by FLUENT either. In any way, thanks for your help.

none July 18, 2001 22:10

Re: export results to Tecplot?
Just let you know that fluent 5 is a unstructured grid solver, so you can't trace mesh cells using (i,j,k). As a result, you can't export data using (i,j,k) just like it works in fluent4.

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