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nlcchanjun July 12, 2001 04:20

which mean of first position and last position during define the injection?the first position and last position define the position or dimension of the injection?if which define the position ,how define the dimesion?

Alain July 12, 2001 04:48

Re: injection
first at last injection point define the line from which particles will be injected at equal distance depending on the number of particles you track

best regards


nlcchanjun July 12, 2001 04:53

Re: injection
Dear Alain : Can you explain the problem in detail? thanks

Alain July 13, 2001 03:54

Re: injection
Oops, I reread my post and I think i forget ponctuation and ligne return !

I ll try to be clearer.

The coordinate of the two injection points define a line.

The particles are injected on this line :

If you have two injections the particle enter the domain at first and last point.

If you have more than two injections they enter the domain at différent coordinate aqually dispatched on the line.

LIke this :

2 injections *------------*

5 injections *--*--*--*--*

Best regards

nlcchanjun July 15, 2001 21:20

Re: injection
thanks a lot!

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