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Atholl July 12, 2001 04:37

Pipe flow patterns
Hello everyone. Has anyone out there succeeded with Fluent 5, the simulation the flow pattern types of two-phase (liquid & gas) pipe flow, i.e. stratified, wavy, slug, annular and bubble. I am currently attempting to do so with Fluent 5's ASM & VOF models and find nothing but perpetual non-convergence, most notably with the continuity residual. If anyone has any experience of this type of modelling, I would be grateful to hear from them. Thanks in advance.

Isa July 12, 2001 05:37

Re: Pipe flow patterns

The ASM model is not right for modelling most of your systems. It is not really a multi-phase model at all! It is just really post-processing.

You will need to use an Eulerian model to see most of the effects you want. You can use the VOF model for slugging, but as you say I cannot get it to work, either!

Atholl July 13, 2001 08:01

Re: Pipe flow patterns
So what IS the the ASM model good for?

Isa July 13, 2001 08:35

Re: Pipe flow patterns

I think it is for multi-phase flow where the fraction of dispersed phase is very low and will not effect the main phase.

I'm not sure it should be called multi-phase, really.

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