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Sridhar July 12, 2001 13:19

UDF for the boundary condition
Dear friends,

How can we write a User defined function for the boundary condition specifying that the vertical component of velocity is zero and the temperature is T_infinity, i.e 293K in my problem. I would be very thankful if anyone can clearly give me the C-programme for writing the UDF.



Greg Perkins July 12, 2001 20:42

Re: UDF for the boundary condition
Use a profile function - some examples are in the udf manual

Greg Perkins July 12, 2001 20:43

Re: UDF for the boundary condition
actually do you need a udf for this??

Sridhar July 13, 2001 19:18

Re: UDF for the boundary condition
Hi Greg, thanks for your responce. Do you think is there is any other way to represent the boundary conditions which I am intrested in applying?? if so please help me. Actually I am working on "bouyancy driven flow over flat vertical plate", If you want clear description of the problem, I appreciate you very much if you could please refer to the messege which I posted on June 25th with the title " natural convection flow over flat vertical plate". actually I am trying to set the above boundary conditions to the boundary which is located opposite to the vertical plate. I tried applying pressure inlet conditions to it, but I am not getting the velocity boundary layer at the wall.

I sincerly request if Anyone who is familiar with this topic can please help me. Thanks

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