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willyt the Curiosity July 14, 2001 01:22

How to verify a Fluent model?
HI. Smart people out there, how can I vertfy the model is correct? I believe I have to do some experiment to support the model, (like measuring velicity in certain point..- hard one isn't it??). Or one suggest that I can use dye test for velicicy vector verification.

What about U guys? What kind of experiment do U use to back up the model generated by Fluent.

Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien July 14, 2001 03:12

Re: How to verify a Fluent model?
(1). Check against known test data or analytical solutions.

Alex July 16, 2001 15:44

Re: How to verify a Fluent model?
what is your model? Is there existing experimental data for the same case or similar cases in the literature? This would be the easiest. You may want to start with a literature search. If there are no similar cases, then you may have to build an experiment if it's within the scope of your project. You can do simple measurements like flow visualization and pressure measurements to very detailed velocity field measurements using optical (laser) diagnostics (not easy or cheap).

Trac July 16, 2001 21:25

Re: How to verify a Fluent model?
Have a look at the work by P Roache (in particular his book called something like "Verification and Validation for CFD"). It is an excellent way of checking your CFD solution. He breaks the errors down into two types - does your model represent the real world, and then have you solved it correctly? There are ways to put numerical values on the grid accuracy, using a "Grid Convergence Index". But I like most the way the method emphasises looking at errors from all sources.


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