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Greg Perkins July 15, 2001 02:02

Radiation & Porous Media
Does anybody know how Fluent treats Radiation i) within porous media zones ii) at the boundary between a porous zone and a normal fluid zone

I can't find any mention of this treatment in the manuals so I presume that it treats it as a normal fluid zone. But is this right?


UP July 15, 2001 03:11

Re: Radiation & Porous Media
As far as I know. the only thing that fluent cares about in porous zone, is the sink term form the Darcy's. The rest is same as the fluid zone. Ugur

Greg Perkins July 15, 2001 23:16

Re: Radiation & Porous Media
Yeah I sort of figured that too - which worries me a little - assuming the porous zone is reasonably dense with solid, radiation heat transfer to it, won't be insignificant when temperatures are high. I would have thought a reasonable approach would be to treat the interface as a wall for radiation, but as an interior cell for heat and mass transport. At the moment this can't be done.

So I suppose one needs to add a souce term in the radiation/energy equations to model this. Has anybody tried????

Ahh, The joys of Fluent!


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