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Sudip July 19, 2001 12:16

"interior" boundary conditions

We are trying to solve a problem in Fluent, and we were wondering what the "interior" boundary condition means. Its not explained in the Fluent users guide, but its an option available in GAMBIT for specifying a boundary condition at a face.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Sudip.

Lanre July 19, 2001 14:05

Re: "interior" boundary conditions
"Interior" is not really a condition of the boundary of the computational domain but rather a zone, which is a collection of, cell faces or edges (edges are faces in 2D), on the interior of the computational domain.

Interior can only be used when there are cells on either side of the face/edge.

The reason you might want to use "Interior" type to label a face/edge in GAMBIT is if you want to create a surface zone for analysis. Interior boundary types are also used to separate different cell threads/zones, e.g. fluid zone 1 from fluid zone 2.

Do not specify "interior" type on a face/edge that is not connected to two or more faces.

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