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Devy July 20, 2001 10:33

about reaction of pure oxygen and CH4
This message was posted some weeks ago.But I still don't know how to solve it.So I post it again.If you have a ideal,please let me know.Thank you.

Now I am studying TUT fluent mannul, "Chemical Mixing and Gas Combustion". I don't consider the reaction of air and CH4.I just consider the reaction of pure oxygen and CH4.So I remove the N2 from material pannel.I change the air as to oxygen in the boundary of air-inlet.And I use Cp calcualated by mixing law and put the piecewise-polynomials in for each species. I don't change the other model.

When the solution is converged,I found the temperature rised to 10000K.And this is not true.

I've tried everything I can imagine!!!

Would you give me some advice?

Thanks a lot, in advance......

Devy 2001.7.20

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